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Signal amplification, splitters and roof-work,
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Melbourne Antenna Repair provides safe and reliable home entertainment remedies for your household or corporate identity. We pride ourselves on offering low-cost, highly professional, legally qualified solotuions for your home or business environment. At Melbourne Antenna repair, we also service antenna installations, satellite installations, antenna point installs, wall-mounting, cabling, digital set-top boxes and stereo systems. Brands we service; "All Australian Brands" including: Samsung, LG, Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, TCL, Panasonic, Soniq, Tevion, Sanyo, Teac, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, JVC, RCA, Vizio, Hitachi, Space, Loewe, NEC, Grundig, Sansui, Metz, Blaupunkt, Sharp, Conia, Celestial and All Other Australian and International brands of Antennas and Home Entertainment Devices.

We can also come to your property, test faults with your entertainment systems or signal quality or connection issues or hardware faults. We are proficient in trouble-shooting over the telephone and are happy to give you a rough indicator of the price-point with no obligation or pressure to buy. For all Antenna and Entertainment issues, related entertainment systems or aerial upgrades, installations, service, repairs and point instatallations think "Melbourne Antenna Repair" and an "affordable price-point". All services come with the full industry specific warranty, same-day service (STA*), Pensionser, Elderly Citizen and Business client discounts. This is a "QUALITY GUARANTEED SERVICE OR YOUR MONEY-BACK". We offer part-time payment systems for those in need and take the time to make sure the job is done right.

Switch to digital

We can upgrade your existing home or business entertainment systems to digitally capable networks or install newly upgraded entertainment systems ordered to the specifications you supply. Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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For your digital vision

We have travelled across Victoria on a daily basis since 2015, servicing your home entertainment requests promptly and with due diligence, we pride ourselves on achieving results and customer satisfaction.

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Antenna & Satellite Installations & Repairs

Cost-Effective timely service rendered at a price-point you can afford. Time is of the essence and Melbourne Antenna Repair renders such service in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Satisfaction is Guaranteed or your money back. You can rely on Melbourne Antenna Repair to get the job done right.

Home & Business Entertainment Systems

Customers are weary when spending their cash, they need to know their money is being spent in a timely and cost-effective fashion and that you receive the product you paid for. At Melbourne Antenna Repair, we guarantee our service or a full refund applies. All refunds are subject to a full investigation.


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