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AskiKa and his Elite Rebel forces are coming to getcha... Run and hide you newbies...October 24, 2003

GodLands for Command And Conquer Generals all versions

Godlands produced by /\/\r David Kellas



(Please note: If you want to give this document to your friends, then you can goto "", select maps, then 8 players, then Download the file, it will contain this document along with instructions on how to install the map)

Map Introduction:

GodLands is a work of art designed for the professional CcG gamer who requires open gameplay within a challenging environment and interactive scenery such as hazardous moving vehicles and realistic drought conditions.

Coming with a cut scene of mass destruction which acts as a network synchronization agent and a better default view this map is a force to be reckoned with.

Godlands caters for 1v1 2v2, 2v2v2, 2v2v2v2, 3v3, 4v2, 6v2, 4v4 and 1 versus up to 6 newbies.

All larger maps favour the USA due to their chinook rushes and the fact they can transport a construction dozer to strategic places on the map before anyone else can get there. This should not be too much of an issue with my map as everything important is placed in areas you can easily attack.

The problem with good looking maps is they limit the build space and have choke points which crap players can hide behind until you win OR they overcrowd with buildings that serve no purpose other than getting them deleted from your computer.

Not my map...

What GodLands has to offer:

1. Dropping water levels;

By the time you've managed to start manufacturing money (i.e. when the game gets boring), the build space will have almost doubled and the entire map will become passable terrain.

Meaning no "choke" points (small entry points that enemies choke with defences to hide behind), more build space and new opportunities to attack".

2. AskiKa Rail;

A company that runs services through two cities, a temple of worship, a hospital and the countryside.

Train collision statistics will rise sharply if you aren't careful. AskiKa Rail is not known for it's high safety records, it's know for nuclear weapons shipment. All trains carrying "weapons of mass destruction" are indestructable (i.e. 1). The rest of the services can be destroyed.

Note: GLA are train killers, one demo trap costs only $400 and will destroy any train that's not indestructable, China can place cluster mines from a building on the tracks (i.e. the building is close to the tracks) and it will gradually ware down the train until it is destroyed. The USA on the other hand have a hard time unless the train stops - which it does :)

3. A Commercial Airliner

You can target it, even though it's one of AkiKas'.

4. Central Island:

AskiKas' goldmine...

Here we run a Pharmaceutical Factory which is actually a cover for the real operations which go on here...

Germ warfare your thinking? - No

AskiKa being old school since 1994 has met too many junkies online and has decided to turn it into a recycling center for the poor. I say the poor because AskiKa has determined that the poor people make his Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstacy, Blue Angel and Purple Haze drugs somewhat tastier, so he kills them and after eating their kidneys and donates the rest to "The Center" for product insertion.

You may destroy parts of the Pharmaceutical Factory located on "Central Island" to unleash chemicals or steal parts of it to save a whopping 10% on any units you build.

Here are the "TIP-SHOTS (I made this word up, it's mine you hear, mine!)" - read these carefully:

The SToRYLI/\/e:

General AskiKa has taken over world economy and is very much a man who has it all, all accept "peace" that is...

AskiKa Incorporated has been receiving death threats of late, you see, when the American government went to war with Baghdad, they fucked up and left Isama Bin Larden and Sadam Hussein alive.

Governments all over the world are living in fear of what the newly formed "Global Liberation Army" can do to them. This army has stolen the presidents wife and sold her on the black market for two donkeys and a pale of water, it's blown up the whole of Somalia and destroyed every fast-food chain in the northern hemersphere.

Isama and Hussein have recently purchased this army with twenty golden toilet seats and two of their ugliest wives.

AskiKa Incorporated is concerned that the GLA has decided to target their buildings, so as a counter-measure, they have funded the chinese army to protect their highest earning facilities and fortified their airports with C4 explosives.

"AskiKa Incorporated does not negotiate with criminals."

We enter the story at AskiKa Air, a busy airport to the west of the Pharmaceuticals Company. The airport has been captured by GLA forces. They are asking for rice so they can feed their children and many wives.

The police are on the scene, but being afraid of what the GLA can do, they've started peace talks with (Senoir GLA Representative) Jermen Kell. These talks aren't going too well and Jermen has told them to go and get stuffed. I think he has his eye on the dark chick across the road because he keeps looking over there and exposing his penis (she has big breasts)...

A reinforced train carrying nuclear weapons arrives behind the complex...

Out of sheer coincidence, General AskiKa happens to be on this train.

AskiKa Realises that if Jermen Kell sees him he's dead meat, so he phones his contact and love interest (Black Lotus) and asks her to board the train after she sets explosives which are buried under the airport's main entrance. The driver informs AskiKa that there may be civilians on the road and if he were to proceed, these people could be killed. Fearing that the bomb may go off, AskiKa tells the train driver to "proceed at full speed".

Two days later...

AskiKa Incorporated is being sued and here is what they had to say...

Letter to the world council:

AskiKa Incorporated has no knowledge of events that took place two days ago and is not willing to comment on the 50 or so civilians who were incinerated in the incident. We claim that if it were not for the excessive amount of C4, those people would never have had the priviledge of flight. We understand the people were too poor to afford plane tickets so we think they gathered around "AskiKa International Airport" in the hope that if there were an explosion, they could be blown up into millions of tiny pieces whilst enjoying a free flight without having to pay for it.

AskiKa Incorporated accepts no liability for the senseless slaughter which took place on "September 11", 2003. Instead, we are proud that we could offer those people a means to understand why they shouldn't hang around airports with C4 explosives ready to be detonated.

We suspect these people were infact working for the GLA and will endeavour to prove this with misleading information and a large amount of money spent on lawyers to cover up what really happened.

Thank-you for taking the time to read through this document (Please note: Those who oppose General AskiKa will be murdered in cold blood and posted on billboards around the world as an example of why it is bad to fuck with the hand that feeds you).

You will never threaten me, for I have seen the power which lies at my disposal and am willing to use it should a foul being such as yourself attempt to take it away. I stand before you an all powerful being, I stand before you not as a man, but as GOD...

Story Co/\/cluSion:

AskiKa purchases the land that his companies are on and calls it "GodLands" to remind the world council he wont be fucked with. I think someone else took offence because there's been a severe drought for 30 days and thirty nights and a guy called "noah" has come to collect 2 animals of every type for his collection...




If you want to join the extremely secretive Elite Rebel Forces (Hard Taskers) Clan, then email me and I'll see what I can do. Be warned, "Fucking with the clan can be dangerous to your health". Don't take joining lightly, it's a risk that you take when you apply and a risk you take when you leave, there is no hiding when you are online - ever :)









And there you have it, the map that cost me my sleep time for two weeks...

And on that note I make a small request...

If you have any really good pro replays that you think I'd like to watch, then I'd be more than happy to accept them, or the URL's to them. I realise the only way to become the best is to learn from others mistakes. I'll accept replays on any maps as long as you think they are worth having, ( - TANKS...